Erik Johansen (BS Geology, 1999)

Land Use Planner in Colville, Washington

I enjoyed my time at CWU, and especially the time I got to spend in the Geology Department. We had a great group of people to learn with - and we still have a good time.

Since graduating from CWU, I have worked for an engineering firm on several large remediation projects. If this sounds familiar, it is because many of the CWU geology alumni have that same story. In 2005, I left the world of geophysics and took a new career path as a land use planner for Stevens County.

I currently live in Colville, Washington (the town I grew up in) with my wife Addie (also a graduate of the CWU geology department) and our daughter Ella Mae. I am enjoying my new career and have been lucking enough to find time to go back to school. I started taking class in January and hope to continue for several years, emerging on the other side as a GIS professional.

I have attached a recent photo of me and Ella. We were on a family camping adventure to Sullivan Lake in northern Pend Oreille County.

I hope things are going well for everyone, and I do miss those long days in the desert trying to make sense of it all.