Jon Killingbeck (BS Geology, 2007)

Director of Volleyball Operation in Seattle, Washington

It's funny how life works out. I thought that the Mitchell, Oregon field camp was going to be the worst time - and now a year later I look back missing it. I got my BS in Geology, but by the time it came to graduating I knew that I was going to go down a different path. Coaching volleyball is my passion. It's one of those things that I just love putting the hours into - I know that it's the right choice for me. Geology still has a special place in my heart and maybe down the road I will get back into it.

I am currently doing my Masters in Sports Administration and Leadership at Seattle University. This next season I am moving into the Director of Operation for the volleyball team as we start our first season at the Division One level. This summer I got to work camps for three coaches who have multiple national championships and it was a great way for me to learn. I hope that someday I will get to coach on the Wildcats bench - Ellensburg is the city were I would love to raise a family.