Cyndy Kissler Journey (BS Geology, 1996; MS Geology, 2001)

Geologist and Landscape Design Firm Owner in Seattle, Washington

Following graduation in 2001, I picked up my Cascadia research again with a very short stint at the Tree-Ring Lab of the Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory of Columbia University. The results were interesting - but not enough to get me a coveted grant to continue the research. Wanting to apply geologic theory to practice, I returned to the halls of academia at the University of Oregon in 2004 and graduated in 2007 with a Masters in Landscape Architecture.

Funnily enough, my first job upon graduating with the MLA was as a Geologist with the Oregon Department of Transportation where I wrote the Fish Passage Design chapter of the ODOT Hydraulics Manual. I knew what a fish was and I knew what a culvert was, but had no idea how to get the fish through the culvert.

The professors at CWU Geology had taught me well not only the principles of hydrogeology and fluvial geomorphology, but also how to research and how to think. Thank you Lisa, Carey, Charlie and the rest of you. You know who you are.

Spring quarter (2009) I taught Physical Geology at Seattle Central Community College. Researching and preparing the lecture notes and PowerPoint presentations was a great way to review the basics of geology. I finally learned the mechanics of volcanoes! This was a one-quarter-only gig, so I am looking for work again.

I am passionate about sailing and joined the Seattle Singles Yacht Club, a great place to make new friends as well as make a significant contribution to Northwest Harvest. I am the 2009 Rear Commodore. The responsibilities of the position take as much time as a part-time job but for compensation, I had a moment of glory waving to the crowds on the bow of a 50 foot yacht on Opening Day.

Information last updated on Jul 1, 2009