Ashley Streig (MS Geology, 2003)

Seismic Hazards Consulting Geologist in Walnut Creek, California

I have been working as a consulting geologist with William Lettis & Associates, Inc. in Walnut Creek, California. I like my dirt young - if it isn't Quaternary I'm not interested! I work primarily on two types of projects; seismic hazard analysis (namely surface fault rupture hazard, and fault characterizations) and surficial/fluvial geomorphic mapping. Seismic hazard studies include regional geologic and fault mapping, trenching a site to evaluate the potential for surface fault rupture, analysis of expected secondary surface deformation, landslide hazard and, occasionally, liquefaction potential. I am also involved in some great projects that are currently funding my company to map the surficial geology of much of the Central Valley, California. Cooper Brossy (MS '07) joined WLA over a year ago he is one of the prime researchers for the Central Valley fluvial geomorphology mapping project (see Cooper's blurb for more juicy details!). You can check our profiles and projects on the company website at

My company values research and encourages us to continue to contribute and excel as scientists and consulting geologists. I am actively involved in the National Earthquake Hazards Reduction Program (NEHRP) and have been funded to work on refining the paleoseismic record of the Santa Cruz Mountains segment of the San Andreas Fault. My CWU education is a cornerstone to my professional success. The education I received at CWU Geology was topnotch, the faculty is a wealth of information, their knowledge and experience is a valuable resource that every student should take full advantage of! I look back fondly at my time at CWU!