Wilson Rawlings (BS Geology, 2018)

Geotechnical Field Technician in Bellevue, Washington

Immediately after graduating from CWU, in March of 2018, I started working at Earth Solutions NW, a geotechnical firm based in Bellevue. As a geotechnical field technician, I am involved in a variety of complex construction projects ranging from small single-family developments, to large multistory buildings.

My day-to-day schedule ranges dramatically, but primarily consists of multiple visits to sites followed by daily reports. I work primarily alongside geologists and civil engineers who work together to design earthwork proposals that are suitable for construction projects throughout western Washington.

The CWU Geology Department excelled in preparing me for a career in geology. I plan on working towards becoming a licensed geologist over the next five years.

Information last updated on Aug 4, 2018