Ben Smith (BS Geology, 2003)

Middle School Science Teacher in Puyallup, Washington

In the five years since I left Ellensburg, I have begun a great career in education and currently work for the Puyallup School District. I currently reside with my wife, Katie, in the burgeoning metropolis of Orting. (Yes, I learned about the hazards of lahars, but I love it here.) We don't have any children yet, but we have amassed a zoo of one turtle, two dogs, three cats, and six chickens. In my spare time I enjoy gardening and taking care of home projects. I have also become a salmon and steelhead fishing fanatic. I bought a salmon charter license and will be completing my USCG 100 ton captain course by the end of August 2008. I hope to run my first trips on the Columbia River in the spring of '09. Sometimes my wife needs to remind me this will be a hobby business.

I don't work directly as a geologist, but my experience at Central helped cultivate my science skills and knowledge that I do use in my work. If there is one thing that set CWU Geology apart, it was the people. It was awesome to be able to walk across the hall and be able to ask Dr. Lundblad a question about a project, or working with peers to discover the secrets of the Hudspeth sandstone. (I hope I never see it again.) I loved all of it.