Gilbert Arnold (BS Geology, 1981)

Petroleum Geologist in Oklahoma

I retired from petroleum geology in the fall of 2017. After nearly 40 years of geology I decided that oil field work is for the young guys. I plan to do some traveling and work on keeping healthy. Quintuple coronary artery bypass surgery in 2016 and rotator cuff surgery in 2014 was a good hint that maybe it is time to slow down. Plan to some traveling and see some geology that I haven't seen before and just takin' it easy.

I remember S.O.B. Bentley's structural classes. He's still the only man I know that can map basalt flows from inside a vehicle traveling at 65 mph all the while keeping up a running commentary about the various flow units we were driving past. Dr's. Ringe, Hinthorne, Farkas, and the inimitable Ralph Higgins are other memories of those days. Central was a wonderful place to learn geology since we were exposed to such a wide variety.

Best Wishes to all CWU Geology alums!

Information last updated on Jul 19, 2018