Milana Michalek (BS Geology, 2004)

Environmental Geologist in Kirkland, Washington

After I graduated from CWU, I spent about 1.5 years working at REI and also working on an acceptance to grad school. I was accepted to Idaho State University and spent about 2.5 years in Pocatello focusing on structural geology.

Two weeks after defending my thesis I accepted a position at Associated Earth Sciences, Inc. in Kirkland as a staff geologist. We are a consulting firm and specializes in engineering, geology and hydrology. I spend most of my time in the field, working on projects in the South Sound, which include anything from public buildings (schools and community centers), commercial buildings (office buildings) and private residences (single family homes, condos and subdivisions).

I am continuously learning and enjoy spending my field time outside.

Information last updated on Jan 4, 2011