Charles McFadden (BS Geology, 2014)

Environmental Geologist in Issaquah, Washington

I started working for an environmental consulting company (EPI) based out of Issaquah, two days after I got back from field camp. It has been super intense since my first day. I was even doing what we consider billable work on my first day. I do something new every day with a different job site and I travel quite a bit. I think about 70% of my time is spent in the field doing miscellaneous things such as ground water sampling, borehole installation oversight, construction oversight, automated LNAPL removal device installation, and I have even been on a site that was so bad that I could pump gas directly out of the ground (at this specific site there is 15' of gas on top of the water in some areas).

In the office I basically just do bore logs, research for job sites and permits, tabulate and concise data, oh and try to get permitting done with the city of Seattle (which is a bitch). I have been told that I am exceeding all expectations and everyone compliments on the accuracy of my work and admires my ambition for more duties and the strive I have to complete assignments in a timely order. I really like the job so far and I really like the people I work with.

I am very thankful for the degree received from CWU Geology that led me this job.

Information last updated on Sep 18, 2014