Brandon Thurnau (BS in Geology, 2016)

Environmental Geologist in Richland, Washington

I recently graduated (Go Wildcats!) where I have earned my BS in Geology, along with a certification in Geographic Information Systems. My time at CWU was life changing and I would highly recommend this university to anyone considering a career in geology. The class sizes in the geology program were small enough to where I knew each of my classmates by name and developed close relationships with each of them. Even all the professors that I have had during my time at Central knew me by name!

After graduation, I was quickly hired in May of 2016 by GRAM Northwest and begun working my dream career as a geologist! Since then, I have performed environmental field work on the Hanford Nuclear Reservation clean-up site north of Richland, Washington. I contribute to the remediation effort of the Hanford site by overseeing the environmental drilling and sampling activities, including the monitoring and resource protection of well installations, evaluation and interpretation of environmental and geologic data, and the preparation of technical reports.

I truly believe that my time at Central will help lead to the restoration of the Hanford site in the near future and that it will once again be another beautiful portion of Washington State!

Information last updated on Dec 20, 2016