Jen Wilcox Boespflug (BS Geology, 2000)

Business Owner in Auburn, Washington

I live in Auburn with my husband, Todd and two children. Our daughter, Madrona, is almost four and our son, Jasper, is almost 3. Much of our time is spent being silly and listening to made-up jokes that don't really have a punch line, but apparently farts are really funny around our house. I drive a minivan and am totally uncool, but it sure is convenient. Most of our spare time is spent playing with the kids, but I do find time to do other things. I started doing triathlons a few years ago so I get a lot of swimming, biking, & running in. We also like to mountain bike and snowboard when we get the chance. In the summer, you can find me and the kids in the garden most evenings.

After I graduated from CWU, I worked for an environmental consulting firm - Tetra Tech. I was there for a few years, when Todd and I decided to buy my parents' business from them. So now I sell tarps for a living. Yes, blue tarps like the one you have in your garage. It's actually much more fun and interesting than it sounds. I love what I do, but I have to say that I really miss geology.

I look back on my time at CWU and it was all so positive. I learned so much, especially how you can't take any shortcuts for a job well done. My only regret is that I don't keep in as good of contact with all of the wonderful people I met from that time. My memories from the many late nights in the student room and the field classes always make me laugh. Good Times!

The photo is of me and Jasper last summer - thankfully my hair has grown since then. When will I learn?

Information last updated on Mar 25, 2008