Tabitha Trosper (BS Geology, 2007; MS Geology, 2011)

Engineering Geologist in Anchorage, Alaska

Hello CWU Geology! I have been working in the geotechnical engineering consulting world as an Engineering Geologist since 2011.

I started off with GeoEngineers out of Redmond, Washington, met my husband while working on a job in southeastern Alaska and shortly after moved to Anchorage and have been working for Golder Associates since 2014. My experience in consulting has been a journey of both technical and professional growth, I have had the opportunity to travel to many interesting and remote locations and though the demands of consulting can be challenging, the project work is rewarding. The majority of my project work has been on geotechnical investigations, though I have also conducted geologic hazards assessments for pipelines and other linear corridors, and more recently hydrologic analysis.

My education at Central helped me build a strong foundation in gelogy, but I think the mentorship I received, and that the research and field opportunities I had really strengthened my breadth of experience, making me more adaptable for the unpredictability of consulting. The most important skills I use on a daily basis are writing and face-to-face communication - these may sound "old school" I suppose, but they are both extremely important in consulting.

When not working, my husband, Buck, and I are loving up every moment with our children, Wiley and Wilder.

I am always happy to talk to people about consulting! I try to let people know when we have job openings, experience is nice but we have made several hires straight out of earning a Bachelors degree.

Information last updated on Jul 19, 2018