Matt Kogle (BS Geology, 2005)

Graduate Student in Madison, Wisconsin

Currently I am a graduate student at the University of Wisconsin-Madison working on a MS in Geoscience. My research focuses on developing a non-destructive test to evaluate the integrity of installed rock bolts and the rock mass they are affixed to. Specifically, I will be evaluating rock bolts associated with fiber-optic strain gages installed in the 4100' level of the former Homestake gold mine. The Homestake gold mine is being converted to the Deep Underground Science and Engineering Laboratory (DUSEL) and we are participating in the early science program of it.

In addition to my MS research, I am also involved with several other projects. Recently I provided site reconnaissance for EarthScope's USArray Transportable Array project. I was required to find suitable sites and willing property owners to house 21 seismic stations across the state of Wisconsin. I am also completing porosity and permeability tests on rock core samples from depths ranging between 1000' and 3500' below ground surface. Permeability testing is being completed at various vertical and confining stress to simulate conditions 3000' below the ground surface. These tests are for the Wisconsin Geological and Natural History Survey and the USGS to evaluate Wisconsin's potential reservoirs for carbon dioxide sequestration.

The CWU Geology program treated me very well and I learned many valuable skills that have really helped my in my professional career. I really enjoyed the small department atmosphere and the ability to get one on one help if and when it was needed. I feel that the department has a good balance between field, lecture and lab course that relate to the daily grind of everyday life.

Information last updated on Feb 28, 2011