Grant Logsdon (MS Geology, 2007)

Geothermal Project Analyst in Golden, Colorado

I've been working for Navarro Research and Engineering since February 2009. Navarro is contracted by the U.S. Department of Energy to help spend all your hard earned tax dollars on renewable energy projects. I work for the Geothermal Technologies Program as a Project Analyst. My job is to help facilitate the process of reviewing applications for Federal finacial assistance (in the form of grants mostly, which is fitting considering my name and all) and to make awards for geothermal research, development, and field demonstration projects. My responsibilities as a Project Analyst are to review the technical aspects of potential awards, and to make sure that those hard earned dollars are spent wisely.

I'm now living in Denver with my Fiancee, Kate Whitlow (a very beautiful CWU Geology alum). We just bought a house in central Denver and are loving it so far. Kate and I will be married in April 2010, celebrating a love that began at a typical Craig's Hill Posse (CHP) dance party back in Ellensburg.

Thank you to all the CWU Geology faculty and alumni that made grad school such a wonderful experience; you are all the bomb diggity.

Information last updated on Dec 4, 2009