Kayla Berg (BS Geology, 2012)

Environmental Geologist in Stibnite, Idaho

In the summer of 2012, I heard of a possible position opening up at Midas Gold Inc. (MGI). After reading that email, I immediately sent them my resume and cover letter. To my surprise, while I was at field camp this summer, MGI contacted me and wanted to schedule an interview. The second I got back to civilization, I contacted them and within the next two weeks I was hired and on my way to Idaho.

I work in the same office as CWU Geology alum Jim Peterson. They hired me as an Environmental Geologist. This means that I do such tasks as: rig inspections, water monitoring, spill reporting and response, waste management, and several more activities. While going through school I didn't really pay much attention to the environmental side of geology, so I am definitely learning something new every day.

The site I am working at is located in Stibnite, Idaho which is approximately four hours up in the mountains from McCall, Idaho. We stay in a small town with a population of 35 called Yellow Pine which is approximately 45 mins from Stibnite. Due to being so far up in the mountains, they provide housing for us the 20 days we are up on site. We work 20 days on and 10 off. Yellow Pine took sometime to get used to, but it definitely has its own character that you learn to love.

The main office for MGI is located in Lake Fork, Idaho where most of the core logging is done. This is where some other CWU graduates, Sam Field, Blaine Serrin, and Eric Gordon are located. Working for the same company as some fellow CWU geology alumni has been awesome. I unfortunately don't get to see them as often as I would hope because of working on site.

Some of the perks to the job are getting to ride in helicopters, on ATVs, snowmobilies, and getting to work on some of the most beautiful land I have ever seen. This job with MGI has been more amazing than I ever thought it would be.

Information last updated on Jan 21, 2013