Kevin Marty (BS Geology, 1991)

Community College Instructor in El Centro, California

I graduated with my BS in Geology from CWU during 1991 and one of the main reasons I pursued geology was Hinthorne and Bentley's classes (and Jack Powell, who was awesome during the field course near Blythe). I also enjoyed a class with Bentley at his house (since I was the only student) overseen by his three cats "San", "Andreas", and "Fault" (I really believe I remember this, but my mind could be clouded).

After Central (and the University of New Orleans for my MS in Geology) I worked for a mining company in Canada (one year), the Bureau of Land Management in El Centro, Ca (7 years) and now have taught at Imperial Valley College in Imperial Valley (near the San Andreas) for 14 years (and love the job here).

I recently also completed my MFA in Photography and love crossing art and science in my classes. I honestly couldn't have picked a better career as I love hiking/backpacking, outdoor work with my camera and spending time with my wife and son exploring from the washes of the Ca desert to the Columbia River Basalts of eastern Wa (which I enjoy our videos by the way). Thanks.

CWU was a great experience - especially the Bentley field courses ...

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