Tom Records (BS Geology, 2002)

Field Inspector in Federal Way, Washington

I'm currently working for an engineering company called PSI (Professional Service Industries) which primarily focuses on material testing and inspections. I'm currently working at the SeaTac airport light rail project. My day consists of monitoring back fill compaction and inspecting all structural reinforced steel members making sure everything conforms to plans and job specifications.

The things I miss the most about Ellensburg is the sunny weather and the nice people. My favorite memories of geology classes are definitely from 2 week and 6 week field camps. Those trips were so much fun, especially the Pink Flamingo every night after hiking through the mountains all day. Not married, no kids, bought a house in Federal Way and have a 4yr old black lab.

The picture is from a recent trip to the Ho Rain Forest in Olympic National Park.

Information last updated on Jan 25, 2008