Galan McInelly (BS Geology, 1984)

Geologist in Seattle, Washington

Galan's Geoengineers, Inc. biography online:

Galan McInelly, LG, LEG, LHG, Principal, Redmond/Seattle/Everett Office Manager M.S., Geology, Western Washington University B.S., Geology, Central Washington University.

Galan has been providing geomorphic, hydrogeologic, environmental, and geotechnical services in the western United States since 1984. He specializes in sensitive areas mapping, geohazards evaluations, slope stability analysis, hydrogeologic assessments for aquifer protection, aquifer analysis, environmental impact statements, and environmental site investigations.

Galan is particularly experienced at evaluating and managing geohazards for pipelines and other linear corridors. He also has experience with geomorphic aspects of fish habitat enhancement. His experience includes evaluation of impacts from development to natural resources such as aquifer recharge areas, streams and wetlands.

Galan is very familiar with regulatory issues related to geomorphic processes and the impacts they can have on public infrastructure and the environment. He has participated in numerous projects requiring coordination between several regulatory agencies, tribes and other stakeholders. He is familiar with sensitive areas ordinances for a number of municipalities and counties, DNR forest practices regulations, SEPA, NEPA and other regulatory standards.

Information last updated on Jan 5, 2009