Ryan Hardwick (BS Geology, 2009)

Mineralogist in Tuscon, Arizona

After my time at CWU, I moved to Flagstaff, AZ for graduate studies and work. I would definitely say I enjoyed my time and the people at CWU Geology the most. When I decided I needed some time off and some money, I spent a bit of time working at a mud-logging company working the Texas oil fields. Not a bad gig while you are young, but not the settle down job I dreamed of.

I left the mud-logging business and accepted a position as a Mineralogist with Freeport McMoRan Copper and Gold. Basically, from the job posting it sounded like my dream job. I am currently located on Safford, AZ but will be in Tucson soon. Working for Freeport is amazing. There are always new things to learn and try, plus I always wanted an analytical job. Freeport is like one big family so going to work every day is great, plus I have quite a few expensive toys to play with (SEM, QEMSCAN, TIMA, and XRD are a few). I do miss the cooler weather and lush vegetation of WA a bit though, along with rivers.

Freeport has some great opportunities, internships and jobs. If anyone feels they are well qualified, let me know. I will try and make sure my fellow CWUers get noticed. Its a great opportunity for anyone who likes geology, there are many opportunities in geology, mineralogy, and environmental.

UPDATE: I decided to wait to finish a Masters degree and have been working for Freeport McMoRan.

Information last updated on Sep 9, 2013