Janet Vaughn (BS Geology, 1999)

Retail Employee in Tacoma, Washington

I spent most of my time in retail, but now I am temping until I can change careers. I went back to school this year and received a Certificate in GIS from Penn State (World Campus). I have interviews and have sent out resumes to a lot of companies.

I just moved to Tacoma, WA due to high rent in Seattle :-(. I would like to say I do cool activities in my free time, but all I do is either read or go to movies.

I have noticed that having a geology degree means that you are supposed be able to ID every type of rock while the car is going 70 MPH. Or even better - being asked about the rocks from an airplane. Also, anytime there is a geology-related program on TV, I am supposed I comment on how accurate the program is.

Information last updated on Jan 11, 2008