Carla Brock (BS Geology, 1998)

Consulting Geologist in Seattle, Washington

I'm working as a consulting geologist at Aspect Consulting in Seattle. I primarily work on projects involving environmental investigation and remediation but I still get to do some real geologic interpretation from time to time.

I'm involved with a number of local networking organizations, both within our industry and within the larger applied geosciences industry, and have become passionate about mentoring and supporting the development and promotion of women in geoscience careers.

I am also a member of the Washington State Geologist Licensing Board (get your license!!), which has required me to learn more about laws and regulations governing the practice of geology and allowed me to establish relationships with geologists all across the country.

I still spend my free time hiking, biking, and traveling - I recently returned from a cross-country road trip with my new travel trailer and am already planning the next adventure.

Information last updated on Jul 11, 2018