Theresa Hansen Burton (BA Geology, 1995)

Returning Student in Moses Lake, Washington

Greetings from Moses Lake! Yes I'm still here - back in '95 it seemed the logical thing to do. In the last 13 years (jeez that sounds like a long time) both my kids have graduated and are pretty much out on their own. I married the greatest guy on the planet (yes, he loves that my purse is jammed full of rocks that I pick up from our travels) and have worked at a couple of non-geology type jobs. If any of you have ever been to beautiful Moses Lake, you know it's NOT a hot bed of geologic perhaps the Scablands!

Needless to say I have not put my degree to use. Hope springs eternal though and have not given up that I will find the perfect geology job. Anybody looking for someone with a geology degree from the fabulous CWU Geology? Entry level, no experience, but very willing to learn!

I loved my time at Central and often think of returning to further my education. How about it Central? Think you're ready to have me as a student again??

UPDATE: The photo is from an archeological tour we (Bob and I) took while vacationing down in Sedona, AZ. I don't believe the area has been worked by archeologists and it's too bad as the area is a gold mine for petroglyphs, pottery shards, living quarters and as you see arrow heads. The land belongs to some guy that was starting develop the area for housing and such, the economy went south and the project stopped.....thanks to the "really cool ancient stuff goddesses". We won tickets for the tour but would pay to go back and dig around some more. Most people that do find stuff leave it, as we did when we found the arrow heads.

Information last updated on Dec 4, 2009