Logan Wetherell (MS Geology, 2018)

Landslide Research Associate in Eugene, Oregon

I'm currently working as a Research Associate at the University of Oregon dating landslides and landslide-dammed lakes in the Oregon Coast Range. The project is a direct continuation of my M.S. thesis and am working closely with Oregon Geomorphologists and DOGAMI collecting samples and dating Douglas-fir ghost forests that drowned after landslides blocked off creek and river valleys, forming permanent lakes and marshes. We're specifically interested in landslide deposits that could be directly related to the 1700 Cascadia Earthquake and their spatial distribution across the Oregon Coast Range.

Once the rainy season returns, my wife and I will start traveling for the next year to start publishing a sexy textbook on famous landslides in Western North America and likely be returning to academia.

Information last updated on Aug 3, 2018