Jason Stepper (BS Environmental Geology, 2007)

Field Scientist in Portland, Oregon

After graduation from CWU, I worked in Alaska at a fishing lodge for the season. This is where I met my wonderful girl Erica. After the season, we traveled Peru for about a month - and then on to Belize for a few weeks (see photo). From here we went to Evansville, Indiana (Erica's home). I moved most of my junk back there and lived for a year and half working for Alt & Witzig Engineering, Inc. Most of the day-to-day was materials testing and quality control for commercial construction. Sometimes I got to do a bit of drill-logging which was educational, but Indiana's geology reads like a German chocolate cake. Nothing so exciting it required medication, but it was good experience and they even paid me a little.

We moved to Portland, Oregon in May of 2009 and I recently started with a company called Rescom Environmental (based out of Traverse City, MI) at their Portland branch office. I will be a "field scientist," read extensive travel. They seem to be pretty well married to the telecom industry and primarily provide EPA Phase 1 and NEPA assessments. That's really about it for now (I will try to update if I happen to stumble upon Sasquatch).

I do miss college...no matter how heavy the course load, life is easy in school. For the potential geology majors who might be reading this: Please take advantage of the wonderful resources you have in CWU's faculty, challenge yourself to do more than the minimum, make friends, work hard, and know that there is huge career field awaiting your graduation that can take in a thousand different directions.

For those that may wish to contact me (I know, I know, very unlikely) please feel free to email me. Nick has my contact information.

Information last updated on Aug 19, 2009