Tiffany Masen Smith (BS Geology, 2012)

Instructional Assistant in Seattle, Washington

I work for Seattle Public Schools.

After graduating CWU, I got married and moved to Seattle with my husband. I had hoped to work in the Geology field, but most of the jobs I was/am interested in were out of state or country. My husband has his dream job and we are working on starting a family, so I am currently keeping myself busy by working with Special Ed students throughout the Seattle area. My goal is to get my Masters while our kids are at home and then we will see where life takes us.

When I was attending CWU, I had a lot going on. Between getting a divorce in my first year, to my dad getting cancer, school was sometimes all I had going for me. I loved many of the teachers, classes, and working on research projects.

I learned a lot working with Chris Mattinson both because of my research and his mineralogy class. If you can do research I highly recommend it. I loved being in the lab.

What I didn't like was being in the field. Not the being outside or getting to see the amazing geological features, just the fact that it was physically taxing on me. I was no way in shape to be hiking around. I know that if I was, it would have been a different experience.

Information last updated on Nov 10, 2014