Kevin Delano (MS Geology, 2015)

Water Rights Geologist in Sacramento, California

As a geologist at the Division of Water Rights, State Water Resources Control Board, California EPA, I work on instream flow policy for endangered fish species on Coast Range Rivers. My interdisciplinary team is doing the research, stakeholder engagement, and policy work to enhance instream flows for endangered salmonid species in the Ventura River, Shasta River (tributary to Klamath River), South Fork Eel River (tributary to Eel River), and Mark West Creek (tributary to Russian River).

I am the team lead for the Ventura River Watershed. The watershed has rugged young (<5 Ma) mountains made of folded and faulted Cenozoic sedimentary marine formations. The mountains drain into four alluvial groundwater basins where surface water and groundwater are tightly connected. The impact of water use on groundwater levels and streamflows in the groundwater basins is the focus of intensive state and local research and water management planning.

For our Ventura work, I conduct geologic analyses, manage development of a surface water-groundwater computer model of the watershed, and lead our local technical and public outreach. Our work is occurring amidst other exciting state and local water management efforts. I also lead streamflow gaging crews in the mountainous and forested South Fork Eel River Watershed in northwestern California.

I am grateful for my CWU education daily. I learned how to both do bulletproof science and to communicate that science with people from all walks of life. CWU's geology program is world class.

I'm sending my love to my CWU geology family in Ellensburg. If you would like to learn about California for work, school, neat geology or water issues, or for fun, please contact me on LinkedIn.

Information last updated on Jan 27, 2020