Scott Slusser (BS Environmental Geology, 2006)

Financial Advisor in Tacoma, Washington

My wife Jessica (nearly 7 years), daughter Grace (4 going on 16), and our son Nolan (8 months) are my world, just living the dream here in Puyallup! I run my own financial advisory firm and have been growing exponentially. Each year it seems like we help more fellow CWU alums and their families!

My time at CWU still provides amazing memories nearly 15 years later. The skills I learned in the Geology program have paid dividends in real life. I honestly miss the people. There are days I wish college life was still part of my life, but I am glad I'm where I'm at now.

The relationships I built - not only at CWU, but in the GEOL program - are ones I still hope to continue for many years to come. We Wildcats are ALL OVER! I hope to stay in better contact with some of the finest people I have ever shared a lab room with!

Information last updated on Jan 21, 2020