Caitlin Orem (MS in Geology, 2010)

Integrated Subsurface Geologist in Houston, Texas

After graduating from CWU I moved to Tucson, AZ and completed my Ph.D. in Geosciences at the University of Arizona. After a summer internship with BP Alaska in the summer of 2013, I took a full-time position after in finishing in 2014. I worked in the BP Alaska office in Anchorage for five years. During my time in Alaska I worked as an Integrated Subsurface Geologist, looking mostly for drilling opportunities in the Ivishak reservoir in the Prudhoe Bay field. It was exciting work and allowed me learn about many engineering topics I would have usually never even thought about! In my spare time I got to spend lots of time in the beautiful Alaskan outdoors! I miss it very much!

I transferred to Houston, Texas about a year and a half ago to work as a Sedimentology and Stratigrapher Specialist in the central office at BP. Mostly that meant describing the reservoir in detail, creating depositional environment maps and sand maps, and helping other geologists to understand reservoir presence and quality around their prospects. I've enjoyed learning about deep water depositional environments and salt tectonics! As of the beginning of this year I have started a new position as an Integrated Subsurface Geologist working one of the assets in the Gulf of Mexico.

For the last year I've been working from home due to the pandemic and luckily that means I get to spend most of my time in Colorado with my significant other adventuring and enjoying the outdoors and wildlife! We were hoping to go to the Northwest this year (and maybe sneak in a visit to Ellensburg!) but sadly that will have to wait another year!

Information last updated on Feb 10, 2021