David Mendez (BS Geology, 1998)

Law Enforcement in Seattle, Washington

In my profession, I get to see things from a very unique point of view thanks to my education. Investigation is a large part of what I do. I use some of the same methodologies to find evidence and solve crimes that I used in my geology classes. My unique education, training and experience has placed me on the Bomb squad as the WMD/Hazmat Tech working with Federal, State and local partners on regional critical incident preparedness and response.

Some of my favorite geology experiences were classes with Nick Zentner, Steve Lundblad, Lisa Ely and Carey Gazis. Thanks to you guys for making my experience at CWU great! I miss Ellensburg's warm weather, great people and The Tav. My favorite geology classes were definitely the 2-week and 6-week field camps. The trip to Hanford was memorable. We all kept staring at the radiation badges that the staff gave us waiting for it to change color. I enjoyed my time as a TA for the newbies in Geology 101 and being a part of the Geology Club heading up Blewett Pass to look for thunder eggs or Ellensburg blues.

I still have a lot of enthusiasm for geology and I go out on self-initiated field trips whenever I can! Stay Safe!

Information last updated on Sep 18, 2014