Richard Diaz (BA in Geology, 2015)

GIS Analyst in Puyallup, Washington

Working in the GIS field! I work on JBLM in the Public Works Department. I'm one of two GIS Analysts. I'm in charge of all the spatial data for the utilities on base! I am not really doing geology work on a daily basis but one of my bigger projects was to create a soils map of base for runoff purposes. About once every 2 weeks I get to go out in the field and survey using a trimble. I would like to be more involved with geology down the road using GIS but for now I'm getting great experience here.

I think doing field work as in Bishop and big field camp at the end of the degree helped me. When I go into the field it's easier and more precise for me to write down my observations in the field.

I would have loved it if the program required GIS and its capabilities for geology in the first year of the degree, but I believe you guys are starting to - which is awesome! Well that's my story!

Information last updated on Dec 16, 2016