Kaleb Scarberry (BS Geology, 2000)

Adjunct Professor at Central Washington University in Ellensburg

Most days it doesn't seem like much has changed since my days as an undergrad at CWU because I currently teach courses for the geology department and live in Ellensburg (next door to CWU Geology grad Ken Austin and family in fact). Ellensburg is a different place from the other side of the fence. I enjoy my position very much and got to play an electric guitar at the Zentner House not too long ago.

In reality everything has changed for me, and quite rapidly I should add. Nicole and I were married in Pacific City, OR about two years ago and managed to have a baby about a year after that. Nicole and I both defended our degrees at Oregon State University (M.S- early childhood education and Ph.D.-geology, respectively) on the same day last August and moved to Ellensburg the following week. That was the first day that we needed a baby sitter for our daughter, Mia Noelle Scarberry. She already has a mouth full of teeth and can climb the stairs faster than I can. She's not taking a passive approach to life and it's amazing for me to watch her develop so much every day.

Our family will move on to Oxford, Ohio this August, where I've taken a position as Postdoctoral Research Associate, likely for the next two years. I'm looking forward to adding a bit of research back into my life and will have my hands in projects in Alaska, eastern Oregon and east Africa.

The degree I received from Central really prepared me for success at graduate school and for a career in the geosciences. The longer I hang around academia, the more I have come to appreciate the quality of the geology program at CWU. Field trips and camaraderie are what come to mind when I reflect on my time as a geology major.

Information last updated on Jan 15, 2008