Callie Hayes Keller (BS Env Geol, 2006)

Soil Geologist in Anchorage, Alaska

I am currently employed at DOWL HKM as a geologist and have been since July of 2006. The job includes supervising drillers in subsurface soil investigations, report writing, proposal writing, and soil testing (particle size analysis, consolidations, triaxial shear test, atterberg limits, and frost classifications to name a few). I enjoy the work, but the winters in Alaska are a little cold to be outside drilling all of the time.

I am now enrolled at University of Alaska Anchorage in pursuit of a civil engineering degree and will begin classes fall of 2009. Although working full time and being a full time mom will be tough, I am ready for the challenge. The degree will enable me to become a professional engineer.

My husband Chris (CWU Geology major) is employed as a manager with Dollar and Thrifty Rental Car. Right now he is head of the sales which includes making sure the sales are up for the month, employees have proper and adequate training, and scheduling. He seems to like the job and people he works with. This job does not have much to do with the geology classes he took at Central other than recommending neat places for tourists to visit.

CWU Geology gave me a general understanding of several different fields to help prepare me for what is out there. Looking back, there are a few classes that I wish I would have taken, and a lot of classes that I am glad I took. Specific classes that have helped me out include Rocks and Minerals, Geomorphology, and Hydrology.

Chris and I are living here in Alaska for the time being and plan to move back down to central Washington in the next few years. In May of 2007, Chris and I got married in Naches, Washington. Our daughter Rylee Jo Keller was born on March 11, 2008.

We enjoy spending time outdoors fishing, camping, and hiking. The geology in Alaska is amazing. If anyone wants to see it first hand, I recommend coming up here and taking advantage of the scenery!

Information last updated on Jul 17, 2009