Steve Heacock (BA Geology, 1984)

Environmental Planner in Kingston, Washington

Upon graduation and unsuccessfully job hunting in the recession of 1984, I attended CWU for four quarters in 1985 for my secondary education certificate. I taught three years of science classes for a private school, until I was nearly driven insane by the "gifted students" and landed an actual geology job in Seattle.

I worked for the Geotech Department at Pacific Testing Labs until late 1991, where I shifted into government work with Conservation District's completing scores of natural resource (stream and wetland) restoration projects within King and Kitsap County. I got my WA Geologist License in 2002, and I now work for the Kitsap County Department of Community Development as a Senior Environmental Planner.

I look back on my days (and long nights) in Lind Hall fondly, studying thin sections 'til the wee hours of the morning, and dreaming about "pinks and greens, pinks and greens," once I finally drifted off to sleep. I did survive, and eventually thrived from Dr. Bentley's field-focused tutelage.

I have found all of my class work applicable in my varied career path, including Dr. Ringe's Quaternary Geomorphology courses, and Dr. Hinthorne's mineralogy and geochemistry classes.

My wife Sally and I live in Kingston and have a 12 acre farm where we are currently restoring the fields, stream and wetlands.

Information last updated on Jul 13, 2009