Clayton Larkins (MS Geology, 2009)

Mining Environmental Scientist in Irvine, California

Since leaving Central with an MS in geology I have been working to save the world (one site at a time) as a geologist in the environmental sector. If you are interested in the details of my experience and professional background, I encourage you to check out my linkedin profile and reach out with any questions:

My CWU degree has paved the way for professional growth and versatility over the past decade, including opportunities to work and travel in many states and a few different countries. In addition to the degree, my time in Ellensburg shaped my life dramatically. Not only did it kindle a love for the mountains and backcountry that still drive my recreational pursuits, it is also where I met my wife. Now we are working to pass along the rewards of natural beauty and scientific curiosity to the next generation.

Information last updated on Jul 2, 2021