Ross Hendrick (BS Geology, 2002; MS Geology, 2005)

License & Environmental Compliance Manager in Ephrata, Washington

After getting my BS in Geology, I worked at the Dept. of Ecology in Yakima doing stream temperature modeling for a Watershed Planning effort in the Entiat River. I then completed my Masters at CWU studying sediment transport in rivers, after which I took job at Grant County PUD as a Limnologist in charge of their water quality program in the mid-Columbia River. I then transitioned to the Fisheries Program Supervisor, where I implemented management plans related to Grant PUD's fish, wildlife, and water quality requirements.

I am now Manager of Licensing & Environmental Compliance, where I serve as Grant County PUD's liaison with Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) on all matters related to implementing and complying with the natural resources-related provisions of the Priest Rapids Hydro-Project License, including provisions related to fish, wildlife, and water quality, recreation and lands/shoreline management, cultural resources, and water resources. I also work on environmental and water right permitting, and implement Grant PUD's hazardous waste program.

I live in Ephrata with my wife Molly and our three amazing boys. We do all the sports stuff, plus lots of camping, fishing, and hunting.

My favorite memories as a geology student at CWU include late (and sometimes VERY late) nights in Lind Hall (which could be quite scary at night), interacting with the teachers and classmates, and of course the field trips! The Bishop CA and Washington Coast trips were among my favorites, but really anytime we were out looking at geology was a great time.

If you are a current or perspective CWU Geology major...this part is for you: When I first came to CWU, I wanted to be an Earth Science Teacher, until Nick convinced me that getting a BS in Geology, and falling back to teaching as a back-up, was a much better choice (and he was right). I received a lot of grief from family and friends over my decision to become a Geology Major (e.g. "what the heck are you going to do with a Geology degree?"). What none of them (or even me at the time) understood is that (a) the CWU Geology Dept. has amazing professors, who take the time and put in the effort to make sure you get what you need to "make it in the real world", including opportunities for undergraduate research, and (b) the CWU Geology program teaches you how to write, think critically, work independently, do research, and be confident in yourself, while not taking yourself (or life) too seriously.

These are abilities that I USE EVERY DAY! So don't get caught up in worrying about "what you will do" after getting a Geology Degree, because you'll get the skill-set you need that will transfer to any field and any career...just look at this alumni page and you will see the wide variety of work that can come from this'll just need to apply it at the right time, the right place, and right situation for you. If you are a perspective or current student and are worried about what you will do after school, feel free to reach out to me, or anyone on this alumni page, to hear more about our stories. 509-431-2681 You can also message me on Facebook

Information last updated on Mar 7, 2017