Paul Revak (BS Environmental Geology, 2011)

Sensitizing Manufacturing Operator in Fort Collins, Colorado

I'm currently in Colorado working at the former Kodak plant (now known as Carestream) as a Sensitizing Manufacturing Operator. I make batches of emulsion of silver halide crystals that are laminated onto aqueous-based film for dental and health-related X-rays or other non-digital film.

I moved to Colorado with the intent of working in a geological (degree-related) career, but I was snatched up by a recruiter in a heartbeat when he learned I had a science background. I primarily work in near blackout conditions, operate heavy machinery and mix hazardous chemicals in a professional, whitesuit-conditioned environment. Having a ton of fun.

Aside from work, I've written a couple fictional novels and have become an avid coin collector, and some day I might open a shop out here for it. Missing WA a bit, but the Fort Collins area is very much like a larger Ellensburg. Plenty of opportunity for panning or rock sample collecting on my down time here. It's a great part of the country. Hope y'all are enjoying summer, it's hot out here, but at mile high elevations, it's hardly noticed.

Information last updated on Jul 10, 2018