Zach Jones (BS Geology, 2007)

Mine Geologist in Winnemucca, Nevada

Project Geologist at Turquoise Ridge Mine, a Barrick Gold Corp JV with Newmont.

I am currently Project Geo in charge of delineation drilling on the production side of an underground mine in northern NV. For 2010 I have a $6 million dollar budget that fuels three diamond core drill rigs that are in the process of doing infill drilling on a deposit with over 30 unique mineralized domains (ore bodies). TR (Turquoise Ridge) is a world class Carlin Type sediment hosted gold deposit with a mine life in excess of 20 years.

My job is to attempt to drill ahead of mining to define ore bodies and allow greater confidence in all aspects of production. I work with engineers and geologists to identify areas of little or no information within the mine and design, execute, and interpret drill programs. I use Vulcan mapping software to view, edit and create geological models in 3-D. I handle all the logistics of the drill rigs and work closely with every dept. of the mine to accomplish this. I log the core that comes from the programs I design and interpret those results to assist the planning engineers as they direct the miners what rock to break. Training is also a big part of my job as I have 2 geos in the delineation dept under me a Senior geo who is new and learning the mine and I rotate through the 6 ore control geologists spending 3 months with each teaching them the skills needed to manage drill rigs.

When not working, I try to get out and see as much of Nevada as I can since the rocks here are as naked as they come, or try to get out of the tiny town of Winnemucca where I live.

CWU Geology was invaluable in preparing me for the workplace as the range of classes I took from business to geology to welding and fabrication have all contributed to my success in the fast paced, multi-faceted world that is the mining industry.

Information last updated on Feb 18, 2010