Will Blanton (BS Geology, 1997)

Process Engineer in Portland, Oregon

After graduating from CWU, I was accepted to Purdue for grad school in the Materials Science and Engineering Deptartment. Since no self-respecting woman from the Northwest would move to Indiana without some firm type of agreement, Gwyn and I got married and moved to the Midwest. After enduring a long five years in Indiana, I managed to leave with a MS and PhD in hand and a job offer in Portland, OR.

Since moving to Portland, I've been working for Intel - helping to develop the manufacturing process for the next generation of CPU's. It's a long way from Geology, but it pays the bills.

Life's good. Gwyn and I have been blessed with 3 healthy children who are now 1, 3 and 5 yrs/old. We race bikes on the weekend, hike occasionally, and most importantly - we are back in the Northwest.

And I still can't believe Angie knows what deodorant tastes like (freely admitted to in Blythe '95).

Information last updated on Nov 21, 2008