Chris Markley (MS Geology, 2012)

Geologist for Golder Associates in Manchester, New Hampshire

After earning my MS from CWU in 2012, I worked for a while at an engineering firm as a Geologist at the Hanford Nuclear Site, near Richmond, WA. My work involved the installation several wells for a new pump and treat program. The goal of the campaign was to limit the spread of a groundwater plume contaminated with americium.

Several years ago, I took a position with Golder Associates and moved across the country to New Hampshire. Currently I work as part of a geohazard mapping team, using LiDAR and other remote sensing tools to map geohazards, primarily landslides, along pipelines. My work takes me all across the US, where I get to hike into some pretty remote locations to investigate sites that could potentially pose a threat to pipeline integrity.

I also have the pleasure of working with my good friend, and fellow CWU alum, Rachel Hunt, who is also a part of our geohazard crew out of our Redmond office.

Information last updated on Dec 22, 2016