Laura Kellogg (BS Geology, 2010)

Wellsite Geologist in Evans, Colorado

I work as a wellsite geologist at Columbine Logging Inc. I am based out of Evans, Colorado. I typically work in the northern Colorado region, but I have worked in Wyoming as well. I usually work for between 5-14 days on site with 12 hour shifts from 3pm-3am.

I monitor gas output, collect and analyze rock samples, and call tops of formations. The rocks I typically look at are silty shale, sand stone, sandy siltstone, shaly sandstone, marl, and chalk. We usually drill Niobrara B chalk wells, but occasionally we drill Niobrara C Chalk wells. I am the eyes and ears for the operations geologist. I am also training how to geosteer the well - so that should be pretty fun and exciting.

I really liked moving out to Colorado. It has been pretty fun so far. Colorado has the most micro breweries in the nation and I am making a good start at touring them all. I wish there was an Iron Horse Brewery here though.

Information last updated on Dec 19, 2012