Carrie Schoeppach Browne (BS Geology, 1998)

Mom in Fullerton, California

Currently I live in Fullerton, CA with my husband and two boys (almost 5 and 2 1/2 years). I am constantly grateful for my education and experiences during my time at CWU Geology. The field trips, encouragement, friends and education are some of my happiest memories.

I met my husband at the Oregon State University field camp in Mitchell, OR that CWU partnered with in 1998 and we haven't left each others side since. After camp, we headed off on a 3-week road trip through many western National Parks. We then moved to Eugene, OR for a year to work and save money before moving to Fairbanks, AK for 6 years. While in Fairbanks I worked for the State Geological Survey and my husband was in graduate school at UAF. We experienced some truly unique adventures during our time in Alaska - even driving the Al-Can highway twice - and miss many aspects of the lifestyle and community there. When my husband finished graduate school, we moved to California where he started as a professor in the geology department at Cal State Fullerton.

I love that geology is a part of my day in one way or another. It is so intertwined in the way I look at the natural world. Our family vacations revolve around my husband and my shared love for geology. My boys know how to use a shovel better than many of my husbands students and are always pointing out interesting rocks and observing their surroundings when we are out and about. It is really satisfying to see their curiosity unfold and their enjoyment for camping and hiking evolve (this could also be due to the "camp food" we bribe them with to come with us!). No matter, it is great to share my love of geology with my whole family.

Information last updated on Jun 5, 2012