Bridget Diefenbach August (BS Geology, 2002)

Senior Hydrogeologist in Redmond, Washington

I am a Senior Hydrogeologist and Assistant Group Leader for the Applied Geology Group in GeoEngineers Redmond, Washington office. I have been a consulting geologist/hydrogeologist since 2006 and I love what I do.

On a day to day basis I manage a variety of water resource related projects, primarily in the Puget Sound Region, including stormwater infiltration, water supply development, water rights, and construction dewatering. I also co-lead a group of about 10 geologists and hydrogeologists across our Redmond, Seattle, and Tacoma offices. I get to work with fantastic people on interesting projects that are helping to improve our communities and the environment. Doesn't get much better than that!

My love of geology definitely started at CWU and I look back fondly on my time at Central. Long nights studying in Lind Hall and the many epic field trips across the West and Hawaii (thank you Nick Zentner) are some of my all-time favorite memories. The education I received at Central, coupled with the research opportunities I was able to take advantage of (thank you Wendy Bohrson), created a solid foundation for my geology career. Although I don't get in the field that often these days, the field skills that I learned at Central on field trips, field camps, and in lab classes have been invaluable in my career. Making observations and taking detailed notes are critical in the field of consulting geology.

I still feel very connected to Central and I am honored to call many of the faculty and alumni friends. I also try to get back every year to talk with the students in the End of Major Review class and judge posters and presentations at CWU's SOURCE Symposium. The students in the Geological Sciences Program at Central are truly lucky to be part of such a supportive department led by top-notch scientists.

On a personal note, I married my CWU sweetheart, Michael August. After Central we traveled throughout Europe and Southeast Asia (thank you Charlie Rubin for recommending Thailand - it was fantastic), attended the University of Idaho, and now work together at GeoEngineers. We have two great kids - Claire, 11 and Porter, 9 (our son's name may have been influenced by the copious amount of Black Butte Porter that got us through Summer Field Camp in Mitchell, Oregon). We love watching and playing lots of sports, camping, cross-country skiing, backpacking, hiking, and traveling.

Also, a piece of advice for graduating students, if you think you might work in the field of geology, I really encourage you to take the Fundamentals of Geology ASBOG licensing exam. Don't be like me and wait three years to take it. It's SO much easier when that information is fresh in your brain! Until next time...Go Wildcats!

Information last updated on Feb 19, 2019