Stephen Slaughter (MS in Geology, 2005)

Hazards Geologist in Olympia, Washington

I am a hazards geologist at the Washington Geological Survey at the Department of Natural Resources. I am part of the geologic hazards group that researches earthquakes, landslides, tsunamis, and other geologic hazards throughout the state. My current research focus is identification of seismically-induced soil liquefaction and landslides in tsunami inundation zones related to a Cascadia Subduction Zone earthquake. Washington coastal communities currently possess tsunami evacuation routes and assembly areas, but these maps were made without identification of seismically-induced hazard areas.

Results of this research will allow emergency and city officials to reassess current evacuation routes and assembly areas. Emphasis for many communities, especially those susceptible to liquefaction, will likely focus on a higher-density of walking escape routes and less importance on driving escape routes. I also dabble in the dark arts of GIS, creating and calibrating various models for terrain and geomorphic landform analysis.

Previous to this position I spent six years as a geologist specializing in landslides related to forest management activities including timber harvest and road construction.

Information last updated on Apr 5, 2012