Sam Vanlaningham (BS Geology, 1999)

Postdoctoral Research Fellow in Aberdeen, Scotland

I am at the University of Aberdeen, Scotland doing a Postdoc. I've been here since Oct 2007. I am working on a project that is determining whether climate change or drainage reorganization led to the demise of the Harappan people in the Indus Valley ~4000 years ago. Do I enjoy it? Hmmmm. Being around a bunch of outdoorsy whiskey drinking brawlers, displaced English who always seem properly out of place and a variety of foreigners who are also wondering why the weather sucks so bad......of course I love it. A great experience but I can envision myself back in the PNW, where the rain is more vertical.

CWU Geology made me the man I am today.

I am still married (since last time you asked). Still no kids. I spend my free time watching movies, traveling with Christie, watching Deadwood, socializing with friends, watching the Office, recording myself and other musicians, watching the Sopranos, misc. computer tweaking, etc, etc, etc., and a variety of things that overlap with work so that I almost can't tell the difference sometimes.

Information last updated on Jan 14, 2008