Gwen Rhodes (MS Geology, 2001)

Graduate Student at the University of Maryland

I passed my Ph.D. dissertation defense on July 10, 2008 at Maryland. It has been an interesting run. Maryland has one of the best geochemistry programs in the world (ranked 25) and therefore in the country (ranked 10). Consider recommending students to us.

If it was like in the old days, I could say I was a very successful person. Since I was at CWU, my family size is now 10 grandchildren, and 3 great grandchildren. I live in my office at Maryland as I complete this degree.

What free time? I do watch movies as a reward for at least two hours of writing time. My CWU Geology experience was the most rewarding educational experience I've had because of the faculty and staff.

I'm the woman seated in the photo at McNair Middle School in Washington, DC. I am a visiting scientist at the school - where the children are considered at risk.

UPDATE: My committee has approved my revisions and I have submitted the necessary documents to my graduate school. So, I will have my formal graduation ceremony on December 21, 2008. What next? Rest and relaxation. A postdoc and a job to keep me from starving until the postdoc comes through...

Information last updated on Nov 25, 2008