Kim Whipple (BS Geology, 2002)

Geophysical Software Specialist in Houston, Texas

I work for Seismic Micro-Technology Inc., a PC based seismic interpretation software company (used by the oil & gas industry) in Houston, TX. I have been a geophysical software support specialist for a year. Our company has 7000+ seat licenses in 85 countries, which means I get to speak with people from around the world who are using our software and help answer their questions. I absolutely love my job, I try to push the software to its limits and find a work around for any thing it doesn't yet do. And it is a pleasure to speak with genuinely kind people.

My roots in the Geosciences sprouted in Nick Zentner's Geology of National Parks class. Within two weeks, I had switched from my Early Education major to Geology. Even though I had changed majors, I still found ways to marry my passions of teaching and the geosciences, and have always tried to do the same since leaving. After Central I was at the University of Idaho and then to the University of Texas at El Paso, where 'the industry' sucked me in. Although I am not teaching nor helping young children today, I still share my knowledge (and patience) with others every time I pick up the phone.

I just purchased a home close to downtown Houston with my two very active cats. No husband nor kids yet. I have only been out of school for a year mind you! While at Central, I took every opportunity to travel, and now that I am no longer living on a college budget, I still travel as often as possible. London is my new favorite spot, with hopes for taking the Chunnel Train to Paris someday. I am also an avid home brewer (of beer) - my specialties being IPAs and winter ales.

CWU has been the best stepping stone in my life that really pushed me into the real world. The faculty and student community helped me develop the confidence I needed to succeed in life. Thanks to all past and present faculty and students who make CWU Geology such a great place!

Information last updated on Jan 11, 2008