Karla Schrader Briggs (BA Earth Science, 2003)

Administrative Assistant in Tacoma, Washington

After Central, I taught middle school science for seven years, which was mostly fun and a little not fun. Then I stayed at home and raised my kids for eight years, which was also mostly fun and a little not fun.

Most recently, with both kids now in full-day school, I have returned to work part-time with a real estate services firm in Tacoma as an administrative assistant. I do boring stuff like make copies and scan contracts, and fun stuff like paid-for coffee runs and serenading co-workers with wanted/unwanted songs.

My kids are now 5 and 8, and have large vocabularies, which was really my end-game for parenting. My husband and I are on year 13 of marriage, and are set to spend the anniversary on the Big Island of Hawaii, watching the awesome eruption and annoying Steve Lundblad.

Information last updated on Jul 10, 2018