Tana Tutor Heckly (BS Geology, 2000)

Mom in Ellensburg, Washington

I really enjoyed my time with the CWU Geology Department - and while I never entered the field after graduating, I find that I use the knowledge for my own enjoyment when spending time outside. Many of our vacations, road trips and family outings revolve around the outdoors and I enjoy telling my kids about what they are seeing.

Scott and I have been married for eight years and we married shortly after my graduation. We added to the family five years ago with our oldest son Jarrett and again two years ago with our son Tyce. I get to stay home with them and get a kick out of all the things they discover and their take on the world around them. They come up with the most funny ideas and we goof around a lot. In addition to the massive amount of playing that I get to do with my kids, I also work from home taking care of the paperwork for a construction company and rental company. So while life may not have happened as I thought it would while attending college, I am quite happy with where I have ended up.

Information last updated on Nov 25, 2008