Tony Bielinski (BA Geology, 2013)

Scientific Technician in Cathlamet, Washington

I began working for Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife (May 2014) in Neah Bay, WA in the Ocean Sampling Program interviewing anglers. During our interviews we identify all species onboard private and charter vessels scanning for CWT's and take scale samples and DNA off salmon.

Recently I transferred to Cathlamet, WA working on the Lower Columbia River Intensively Monitored Watershed project. In Cathlamet I work on three tributaries to the Columbia River, where one is a control creek. I perform adult chinook, coho and steelhead surveys using trapping techniques such as weirs and screw traps to tag fish with PIT and Floy tags. We also tag young wild coho using seining techniques to determine population size, mark and recapture, and habitat health.

Information last updated on Aug 27, 2014