Chris Dew (BS Geology, 2001)

Water Quality Project Manager in King County, Washington

After graduation, I completely left the study of all things terra firma, and became an Air Quality environmental specialist for the WA State Department of Ecology (hey, it was the only job I applied for...). I spent my time reading environmental law and regulations, writing permits, conducting inspections and writing penalties at a wide variety of industrial facilities in central Washington.

Three years later, I transferred to the "Wet" side of the state and began my career as a Water Quality Environmental specialist for Ecology. Again, lots of readying regulations and writing permits and conducting inspections and issuing penalties.

Three more years later, I left Ecology and took a job with King County Wastewater Treatment Division. I now work in the Regulatory Compliance and Land Acquisition Services Section and spend most of my time working with capital project managers and planners on new construction project planning. I try to keep us from breaking any environmental laws during construction and I help acquire property access through easements, land purchases, or condemnation.

Been married six years and we are expecting our first kid in late October 2010. Photo is from the Laughton Glacier near Skagway Alaska.

Information last updated on Apr 30, 2010